New NY law could impact your medications, wallet

Vicky Borst could send away for her prescriptions at a mail order pharmacy, it may even save her a little money, but she prefers filling them here at Empire Drugs in Rome.

"I'd prefer to go to someone who knows me. That's why it's so great coming to Empire," she said.

Soon, local pharmacies may be getting more business. It's thanks to a new state law, which goes into effect next week on January 11th.

Right now, some of you are forced to get your medications by mail but that will soon be illegal here in New York.

"The biggest impact for us, is all those customers who have been forced to use mail order can now come back to us. They like that one to one interaction with their pharmacist it's been proven that interaction can help the save the healthcare industry billions of dollars," said Scott Guisinger of Empire Drugs.

He says it saves the industry money because sometimes, a question or simple medical issue can be answered by a pharmacist, which saves you a trip to the doctor.

The new law may also be a big boost for the state. "All of the major mail order facilities are not located in New York state so all of that money is being shipped out. Keeping those dollars here will help create jobs and tax revenue," said Guisinger.

The law also intends to create a more level playing field for pricing so you don't have to pay any more for your medications. Local drug stores can now match the competitive rates that mail order pharmacies offer. That could hurt their bottom line but Empire drugs is hoping the increased foot traffic will make up for it.

"I had an emergency, they stayed open a half hour longer so I could come and get the prescription for my husband

," said Borst, which is service she says mail order pharmacies cannot deliver.