New owners are helping to bring Greek Peak back to where it was before

John Meier


Meier is one of the newest co-owners of Greek Peak ski resort, taking over just a couple months ago and working to bring the resort out of its financial troubles. Meier is making big changes to the resort to make sure it stays one of Cortland Counties biggest tourist destinations, as well as one of its main employers.

"You never know what to expect when you buy a business of any kind, but we knew we had some tremendous assets here at Greek Peak," says Meier. "I guess I was just really surprised by the fantastic customers that we have and the terrific employees, so not knowing what to expect in that regard was very thrilled to meet them and looking forward to working with them."

He says they're pumping an additional three million dollars into additions for the resort, installing a new quad ski lift, the first of its kind in central New York. This will transport people up the mountain four at a time and is on schedule to open for the start of the ski season. These new owners are also installing a new space for ski repairs and maintenance. Orion's pub will also see a new deck on the back of the the restaurant. For Meier, taking over this business is about more than just recovering the finances, it's something personal.

"I'm a life long skier my kids have grown up skiing here at Greek Peak so obviously this is more than business it's personal with Mark and myself and we're really proud to be a part of this resort, we're proud to be a part of saving it," says Meier.

Saving the resort, working to bring it back to life and keep people coming year round for years to come.