New polio vaccine requirements for children starting this fall



ith children always around other kids, sitting in the same classroom and walking home together. It can be easy to spread germs.

Taylor Cerio lives in Syracuse with her three and four year old children. "Kids going to school, you're more likely to spread all sorts of things so you want to make sure kids are up to date on vaccines and if there's newer things out there, take advantage of it," says Cerio.

For the first time in more that 10 years, the State Department of Health is altering their requirements for schoolchildren. Children will now need more vaccines for chickenpox and polio if they're going into kindergarten or 6th grade this fall. Doses will double for chickenpox shots and increase to as many as five for the polio vaccine. New York is catching up with already accepted national standards.

Amelia Robb lives in Syracuse. "

I think that shots are a good idea all over, honestly



ecause you know your kid will be healthy



ith al


these diseases out there you'll know

," says Robb.


arlier in the spring, the World Health Organization alerted everyone

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aying that polio had made a comeback in some African and Middle Eastern countries like Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon.


ith parents traveling overseas, experts here say polio is now much closer to home.

David Duggan is the Dean of students at Upstate College of Medicine. "P

olio is here in the states, it's not common, but it can happen in unvaccinated people and as people travel back and forth across the ocean

. Y

es it has happened many times where diseases have been imported

," says Duggan. "I think that there's a general amongst the population, with the people about how serious there diseases are, because immunization has been effective. These diseases kill and cripple."

The changes will be phased in over the next 7 years. By 2020 all children will be required to have these shots to enter any grade.

New York is also making changes to the times in between shots, to catch up to national levels. To view schedules,click here.

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