New power outage hits Syracuse Northside, Salina

A second outage in less than 24 hours has left parts of Syracuse's North Side and Salina without electricity

For the second time in less than 24 hours, a power outage has hit on Syracuse's North Side and in Salina.

National Grid says this one is blamed on a transformer failure on Helen street, in the Sedgwick area between James Street and Grant Boulevard. 25-hundred customers were affected, though many have been switched into alternative service. The last of the repairs should be made by early afternoon.

For these homeowners, part of the 10,000 left in the dark by last night's outage, it will be the second time to re-set clocks, timers and microwaves. The power outage last night lasted until after ten, and was blamed on an equipment malfunction at National Grid's Teall Ave/Court Street facility