New program tracking teen drivers. Does it go far enough?

A new program is being launched by the Department of Motor Vehicles, that will help parents keep track of teen drivers.

Its called the Teen Electronic Event Notification Service (TEENS) and it will notify a parent or guardian of minors under the age of 18 in the event of tickets, suspensions, or accidents that cause over $1000 in damages.

You can check out the program by clicking here.

The new service is voluntary and sends out two types of notifications. One is a letter sent to the parent and the other is via e-mail.

Julie Gray's daughter Aurora is only 14 months old but Gray said she was glad to hear that she could keep tabs on her daughters driving when she moves past the swings and onto the roads.

"I think once they have their license you can't keep them at home. So having that assurance that you're going to know if something does happen would be helpful," said Gray.

The NYS DMV says the program is to help stop teen driving crashes. Auto accidents are the number one killer for people 16-17 years old.

Deraux Branch from Branch's Driving School in Syracuse says the DMV's new program would go beyond peace of mind for parents and could also motivate teenagers to drive safely.

"I think also it helps the teenager know that they're going to be monitored if something happens. So I think they're going to be more cognizant about their driving habits and behaviors in the car," said Branch.

Do you think this can help make New York State roads safer? Does it go far enough or does more work have to be done? Leave your comments below.