New record set for milk sold at State Fairâ??s Rainbow Milk Bar

Rainbow Milk Bar

The 12-day run of the New York State Fair saw record sales of $.25 milk in the Dairy Building, and $1 Baked Potatoes in the Horticulture Building.

From August 22 through September 2, people purchased 409,988 cups of New York milk from the Rainbow Milk Bar -- white and chocolate milk.

That's up 6,798 cups from the previous record, which was set last summer.

Fair officials say the 409,988 cups sold during the 2013 State Fair shake out to 34,166 cups of milk sold per day.

Factoring in that the Rainbow Milk Bar was open 12 hours every day, roughly 2,847 cups of milk were poured per hour. Breaking that down even further, 47 cups of milk were sold every minute.

In the Horticulture Building, long lines at the Great Potato Booth translated to another record broken for the $1 Baked Potato.

Fair staff say 54,587 potatoes were sold, more than 3600 from the previous record of 50,966.

The Horticulture Building was open 12 hours every day, except the final day of the Fair when it was open for 11 hours.

That means employees turned out 382 potatoes an hour, about 6 per minute.

This year, 851,000 people passed through the turnstiles, more attendees than last year, but not as many as the Fair has seen in previous years.

The record for attendance was set in 2001, when more than 1 million people passed through the gates.

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