New recruits join Army during State Fair Military Day ceremony

At the New York State Fair Thursday, it was a day to honor those men and woman who answered the call to duty when their country needed them.

John Maybright of Kirkville served during the Vietnam War. For Maybright Veteran's Day has a special meaning.

"Veteran's Day is giving thanks for those who have sacrificed for this country going way back," he says.

Standing alongside current active duty troops were 20 brand army recruits who took an oath of enlistment at the ceremony.

Syracuse Army Recruiting Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Paul T. Jackson says for these young men and women, today is the first step in their military journey.

"I know that the individuals that took the oath of enlistment today is an interesting day for them. They had to wake up this morning with the great feeling I'm going to join the United States military later today as a U.S. Army soldier," he says.