New red crosswalk in Auburn makes everyone feel safe

Many people in Auburn are saying the same thing about their new red crosswalk. It's very bright, and new and clean. If you drive or walk around downtown Auburn, you will find one glaring difference.

A new red crosswalk has been painted in the 100 block on Genesee Street. City officials say this was put in earlier this week while they were painting over older crosswalks.

The city will monitor the red crosswalk to see if drivers notice as more could be added throughout Auburn. City officials in Denver found it to be a success out west.

Douglas Selby is the City Manager for Auburn. "Genesee street, downtown here is very busy and its get busier as downtown Auburn begins to prosper more. We have that issue of pedestrians and vehicles and we wanted to highlight a crosswalk to make it more visible to see if it actually helps," says Selby.

Audrey Iwanicki is very pleased that her taxes are being used wisely. "I do think we're conditioned to see red as stop. Since you notice it more because the red color catches your eye, you're going to see people crossing in the walk in the red," says Iwanicki.

John Klink knows how this can help the downtown area. "

It's an excellent addition for the traffic and downtown Auburn is so busy now



ith the Auburn public theatre,
merry-go-round theatre and all these restaurants. It's much much safer. It's a good addition to the city and I appreciate it," says Klink.

Taxpayers will have another reason to appreciate this red crosswalk. The city says they could potentially replace those signs in the middle of intersections. One can of red paint is cheaper than buying more signs.

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