NEW: Sad ending for abused dog Angel from Cayuga County

Angel sleeping at Cornell with animal control officer Diane Matthews

We have sad news to report tonight about Angel the abandoned black lab who was an animal cruelty case from Cayuga County. After two days of testing and evaluation at Cornell's Veterinary Hospital it has been determined the tumor on Angel's shoulder is a cancerous. The cancer After consultation with the medical team, animal control in Conquest and the Shamrock Animal Fund the decision has been made to put down Angel. She will be euthanized this evening in Ithaca.

Angel's doctors believe it's likely the Squamos Cell Carcinoma in the shoulder traveled through her lymph system from her paw. The paw is where Angel's open infected wound was terribly apparent when she was discovered dumped on the side of a country road in the Town of Conquest Saturday morning. Lab work, a CT scan and a biopsy were among the clinical diagnostics done at Cornell to determine the best course for Angel. It was hoped her tumor was benign and she would recover after amputating the infected leg. Dr. Ariane Jay said, "The decision to euthanize is all out of what's best for her." She went on to say about the Shamrock Animal Fund and Dave and Diane Matthews, "You are guardian angels for her."

The community response to Angel's plight has been heart warming. Staff at Cornell have called Angel their little celebrity. Donations for her care to the Shamrock Animal Fund have come from across Central New York places like Oswego, Auburn, Cortland, Syracuse, Kirkville, Port Byron, and Liverpool. More than $2000 has been raised to help pay for the costs of her care at Cornell. Prayers have been sent her way. Letters, e-mails have Facebook comments have wished her well.

It is not known who who abandoned Angel on Saturday morning. Animal Control Officer Diane Matthews of Conquest said she did receive an e-mail tip that could help the investigation. This dog was found sitting on the side of the road in front of The Beard residence at Marvin O'Neil Road in Conquest, Cayuga County. If you have any information that could assist the the investigation please contact Dave Matthews at 651-2211.


UPDATE 8:30 pm: Angel faired well through testing today at Cornell. She had a CT scan and a biopsy of a tumor under her neck. Surgeons say they will likely have to amputate Angel's right front leg. They are still formulating a plan with regard to the tumor. Angel will spend several days at Cornell's Hospital in Ithaca. Donations for Angel's care have now neared $1700. They have come from all over Central New York including Syracuse, Cortland, Oswego and Norwich.


Angel the black lab is at Cornell's Veterinary Hospital being evaluated for her injured leg and tumor. Veterinarians are checking to see if the tumor is malignant before amputating the infected leg.

The hope is the tumor is benign and Angel will recover well from leg surgery. Doctors say she is a sick dog, but the staff in Ithaca has already fallen in love with her sweet face.

The Shamrock Animal Fund has raised $800 for Angel's care so far through online donations. Cost estimates for extensive care at Cornell are $3000.

Donations can be made by credit card or check. Details available at

This morning, the black lab found on the side of the road in Cayuga County over the weekend is scheduled to be evaluated at Cornell's Veterinary Hospital in Ithaca.

Angel is set to be transferred from Animal Control in the Town of Conquest. Dr. David Smith says Angel's leg will most likely have to be amputated.

Today, a surgeon at Cornell will do his own evaluation to determine the next step for Angel.

The cost of he surgery is expected to be around $3,000. The Shamrock Animal Fund is accepting donations for Angel, and has already received $700 for her treatment.

If you would like to contribute to Angel's care you can donate online with a credit card through .

You can also send checks to: Shamrock Animal Fund7815 Karakul LaneFayetteville, NY 13066

Monday coverage: We have new information about a disturbing case of animal abuse in Cayuga County. Late this afternoon veterinarians at Cornell University's Animal Hospital gave a cost estimate of $3,000 for Angel's anticipated surgery. It is expected to take place Tuesday morning. Dr. David Smith and Conquest Animal Control has decided to hold off on surgery on Angel's leg and instead refer her to Cornell University's Veterinary Hospital for evaluation. The snowy weather is delaying the transfer of Angel to Ithaca, but she is holding up fairly well in the meantime. Dr. Smith believes it is likely the leg will have to be amputated because of the infection near the foot and a tumor at the top of the same leg. However, he is holding off until the veterinarians at Cornell offer an opinion. Animal Control Officer David Mathews and his wife Diane are caring for Angel at their home which is also a shelter for stray animals. Diane says Angel's overall condition has improved since being taken in off the country road in Conquest on Saturday. Angel is eating, drinking and being treated with oral antibiotics. The Shamrock Animal Fund is offering assistance for Angel's care and has been contacted by at least one donor willing to help pay for the care of the black lab. If you would like to contribute to Angel's care you can donate online with a credit card through You can also send checks to: Shamrock Animal Fund7815 Karakul LaneFayetteville, NY 13066

Sunday coverage:

In an exclusive interview with CNY Central, animal control officer David Matthews said he's never seen an animal cruelty case like the one he's handling right now. Angel, the black lab mix, was left for dead on the side of the road in the town of Conquest, Cayuga County. Part of her paw was missing and she has a tumor on her shoulder.

"I just couldn't believe somebody would do that to a dog, let alone dump her on the side of the road in the winter or anytime as far as that goes," said Matthews. I've seen a few starvation (cases), but never one that's in the shape that this one is in -- this is a first one for me and I hope it's the last one I ever see like this."

Angel's surgery is at 8:00 am Monday morning. If surgery goes well, Matthews and his wife will keep Angel until she's ready to be adopted. If you have any information about who may have done this to Angel, please call Matthews (315) 651-2211.

Dr. David Smith of the Chestnut Ridge Animal Hospital says surgery is set for Monday on the neglected black lab that was found Saturday morning in the Town of Conquest. The dog has been named Angel.

Dr. Smith says he's uncertain if the dog will survive the surgery that will amputate her leg. He says a softball-size tumor was found in Angel's shoulder.

The dog is now under the care of the Town of Conquest Animal Control. Her caretakers are calling this the worst case of animal cruelty they've seen in a long time.

In Cayuga County, the Town of Conquest Animal Control officer is asking for help in finding whoever injured and abandoned a dog.

Dave Matthews says the female black lab type dog was found on Saturday morning, at Marvin and O'Neil Roads in Conquest. She's been taken to the Chestnut Ridge Animal Hospital, where they'll have to amputate the injured leg in order to save her.

Matthews says "we need to find who did this and bring them to justice.... this is a inexcusable case of animal cruelty."

If you have any information, you can call Cayuga County 911.