New sign in Watertown park acknowledges area's paranormal vortex

The City of Watertown is acknowledging a well known urban legend that there is some sort of supernatural vortex in Thompson Park

For decades, Watertown neighbors have passed along legends of a mysterious spot near the golf course in Thompson Park that causes people to briefly disappear or be teleported away.

A woman who is known in Watertown as Dea has been studying the mystery spot since the 1970's. She believes it is a portal between different realities

"Time and space within the two realities and in a way between the two realities is very different," said Dea.

Last week, the city put up a sign in the park proclaiming it as "Watertown's Area 51." Mayor Jeff Graham says the city wanted to acknowledge the vortex legend and some recently declassified information.

"Area 51 in Nevada when it was taken over by the CIA in the mid 50's was codenamed "Watertown," said Graham. "And that was because the then director of the CIA, Allen Dulles, was a Watertown native."

Dea says she has seen people disappear for short periods of time but the actual portal is not located near where the city put up the sign. Dea also says the portal is not something to take lightly.

"These other realities are there for a purpose and its not our purpose," said Dea.

There are a lot of believers in northern New York. About 300 people came out for the sign's dedication last Friday. The mayor hopes people enjoy this side of the park even if they don't travel through time and space.

"I keep bringing people up here I'd like to disappear but it never happens so we'll keep trying," joked Graham.

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