New survey lists worst workplace etiquette breaches, says courtesy is important

There are many different work environments in Central New York, and each has its own challenges, especially when it comes to the annoying things people do during the workday.

A new survey by Accountemps asked what the most egregious breaches in workplace etiquette were in an open office space.

Number one was using a speakerphone or talking loudly on the phone, which drove 36% of the workers polled up the wall.

Second was loitering or talking around a colleagueâ??s desk. This was maddening to 23% of those polled.

Thirdly, 15% found that eating foods with strong odors was a big no-no.

Fourth, keeping a messy or cluttered workspace bothered 14%.

Finally, leaving a phone ringer on loud bothered 8% of those polled.

Additionally, the survey asked if people became more or less courteous as they climbed the corporate ladder. 70% said those promoted became less courteous.

Finally, 44% of people said that courtesy in the workplace greatly accelerates career advancement.

What bad workplace habits exist where you work? Do you think courtesy has anything to do with career advancement?