New Syracuse Latin School aims to raise the bar for City School District

Syracuse School Superintendent Sharon Contreras and Mayor Stephanie Miner toured the brand new Syracuse Latin School Tuesday morning.

The school is one of three new schools opening in the Syracuse School District this year.

Delaware Primary School and the Public Leadership Academy at Fowler are also opening their doors to students for the first time.

Those two schools replaced Fowler High School and Delaware Elementary, which were closed due to consistently low test scores. Mayor Miner says the district needs to improve.

"We are not meeting the standards that we are holding ourselves to, so what that means is that we're asking people to do more. We are asking them to engage in more change and to be cognizant of the fact that we are not meeting the expectations that we have for ourselves in the district," she says.

To help Syracuse Schools meet those expectations, Superintendent Contreras says the districtâ??s teachers spent thousands of hours this summer preparing to teach the new common core curriculum, and will undergo even more common core training during the upcoming school year.

"We've also increased the amount of common core time in 12 of our schools and we have added about 300 hours of instruction per day," she says.

The Syracuse Latin School is targeting talented and gifted students. Of the more than 200 families who applied to get their children into the school, just 85 were accepted.