New technology helps Utica brewery go green

A new anaerobic digester being installed at F.X. Matt Brewery

The F.X. Matt Brewery in Utica is adding new technology and going green.

he company says it will save money and adding something to the popular Boilermaker race.

ve anaerobic digesters are being added to the brewery. The tanks clean out solid content from the water used at the brewery and turn it into methane and carbon dioxide to create electricity. Brewery officials call it a win-win. F.X. Matt Chairman and CEO Nick Matt says "This is a really terrific thing, not only for us, but I think for the city. We're going to not only reduce the sewer that goes to the Oneida County sewer system, we're going to generate electricity and take it off the grid." The digesters will cover up to 40% of the brewery's power.

he expansion project will also add a green space next to the brewery with grass, trees, and picnic benches. Matt says the space should be finished in time for runners at next year's Boilermaker.