New traffic pattern for thousands of commuters at the 370 bridge

Route 370 bridge

A new traffic pattern at the Route 370 bridge over the Seneca River took effect Friday.

State Transportation Department crews have set up new signs alerting motorists to a new traffic light pattern that will allow for alternating traffic in both directions. The bridge which connects the towns of Salina and Lysander is under re-construction and has been reduced to one lane. It is part of an important commuter thoroughfare between Syracuse and Baldwinsville. The bridge handles an average of 13,700 vehicles per day.


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State Transportation Department wanted to block all traffic heading westbound over the bridge. That would have forced people heading from Liverpool to detour some 10 miles to get to the Village of Baldwinsville. Neighbors and commuters complained so the DOT opened the bridge to westbound traffic but only during the evening rush hours. After neighbors complained again, two traffic lights were installed to allow for alternating directions of travel throughout the day.


O'Mara led the fight to convince state officials to change their minds. "There are a lot of people that called in and signed the petition wanting to see changes. The businesses got together to bring about change. I hope it all works out for the good of everyone." O'Mara told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon.

O'Mara says she is still skeptical and will

wait to see if the new alternating traffic flow will work.

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forward to mid


ovember when the
Route 370 bridge construction will be completed.

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