New U.S. citizens sworn in during July 4th celebration at the State Fairgrounds

For Terri Adam, the symphony music and fireworks on the Fourth of July were not the main event. Adam is a native of Manchester, England but has lived in the U.S. for six years. Her husband is a soldier at Fort Drum and on Wednesday night she took the oath to become an American citizen.

"There's a lot of pressure. July 4th, and I'm British," said Adam with a laugh before the ceremony started.

Terri Adam and 20 others were welcomed as America's newest citizens in front of thousands of people at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse. It was a moment many were proud to share with their families on the nation's birthday.

"She's supported me through deployments and by supporting me she supports the army and the country she's swearing to today. I think if there's anyone that deserves to be American, it's my wife," said Ben Adam.

All 21 new citizens sang along as Symphony Syracuse played the national anthem. Family, friends and thousands of supporters joined in as a welcome to the full rights of citizenship .

"I consider America to be my home now so to be part of it with my family - that's the best part," said Terri Adam.

More than 4000 new citizens were sworn in this week at 45 ceremonies across the United States.