New York begins issuing new driverâ??s licenses

New ID for people over 21

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles is now issuing new driverâ??s licenses and non-driver ID documents with a number of changes.

The DMV says the new design has more than 30 security features, making them some of the most secure in the country.

Photographs and personal information and are laser engraved into the document, instead of printed, which the DMV says this makes the ID resistant to counterfeit and tampering.

The photograph will now appear in black and white, or grayscale. The DMV says this change make the photo better quality for comparison purposes.

Additionally, licenses for people under 21 will now be vertical instead of horizontal.

The changes stem from a change in ID providers. The DMV says there will be no changes in cost.

The new IDs were first issued in some locations at the beginning of August. The DMV says all DMV offices will be issuing the new IDs by late September.

More information is available on the DMV's website.