New York-India Festival celebrates culture and Miss America

New York-India Festival


was something for everyone at the New York-India Festival. It is the largest in the State and even those of Indian descent can find something here.

Vikas Goel was at the festival with his wife and children. "I

t's like all over from India you know. In India every state has their own different tradition so we can see all different ones here

," says Goel.

An organizer says she wants this festival to become an annual tradition here in Syracuse. Prabha Agrawal is the one organizer for today's event. "

I have been here for 11 years and I have never been to anything like this before which has brought all the elements of Indian culture together in the same place, so that's what inspired me to do it

," says Agrawal.

More than one thousand people came to the Fairgrounds for a taste of Indian Culture, everything from food to dancing to jewelry. In addition to the food and dancing, many here at the New York-India Festival like Surjid Dhamoon and Ratna Khanduja say they are proud to see Central New York native Nina Davuluri become the first Indian-American to win Miss America.

"It was great, it was high time I think. We've been here for nearly 30 years and the diversity is really changing we have seen in our own time, 25 30 years. Being American is not just a color anymore or a race anymore," says Dhamoon.

"She's born and brought up here, but she's still in touch with her traditions, her culture so it just makes me so proud," says Khanduja.