New York State Senator Greg Ball calls for torture of Boston bombing suspect

Screen shot of Greg Ball's tweet

A New York state senator has spurred controversy online by asking in a tweet if the Boston Marathon bombing suspect arrested Friday should be tortured.

Second-term Republican Sen. Greg Ball of the Hudson Valley tweeted just after authorities in Boston captured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Friday evening.

Ball's tweet calls the suspect "scum bag No. 2" and asks who wouldn't use torture on him to save more lives.

Many tweets responding to Ball were critical of his remarks.

Ball issued a statement Sunday defending his position on torture without mentioning his tweet. He says he is not shy in saying torture is justified in the war against terror if it can save lives.

He continued to push the position Monday in a tweet and a news release. He says he's not shy about joining those who believe torture is justified to save lives.

He says that includes suspects apprehended in the United States by civil authorities.


says the Boston incident shows this may be a new normal and Americans should see it as a wake-up call to use a different set of rules.

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