New York State Wine Village to return to perch above Chevy Court

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The State Fair is now officially six months away, and already changes are in the works to two of the most popular exhibits to enhance your experience at the Fairgrounds.

The New York Wine Village, which

had been moved in recent years from its center stage post to a spot near the Horticulture Building, will once again return to the Colonnade area.


made the decision after noticing moving the Wine Village had actually negatively impacted sales, as the new location was harder for people to find.

Fair officials s

ay moving the Village back to the Colonnade -- the elevated section visible from the Pride of New York store, surrounded by pillars -- is ideal for two reasons:

First of all,
in the heart of the fair buildings, the view of Chevy Court provides an atmosphere to relax and drink New York State wine while watching free entertainment.

The Village is also only a stone's throw from the Dairy Products

building, if fairgoers are feeling creative and want to bring cheese back to pair with their wine.

The Fair says the



aste NY" Wine and Cheese competition will also return this year, with the tasting tent and at least two wine and cheese seminars daily.

On the western end of the Fairgrounds, another highlight of the 2013 Fair is an attraction that allowed people to witness the miracle of birth.

The Dairy Cow Birthing Center is coming back this year, with twice the seating and the addition of large screen televisions to make it easier to get a close-up look at the births of calves.

2013 addition of the center proved to be one of the most popular exhibits on the Fairgrounds, and brought more traffic to restaurants and food stands located along the west end.

In the 12-day run, 30

baby calves were born

. This year,
two of those babies will return so you can pet them, and see how big they've grown.

Farmers and
veterinarians will once again discuss the birthing process and the State of New York's modern dairy farms.

The State Fair runs from August 21 through September 1.