Newtown grieves and remembers: Matt's Memo

Sandy Hook is soaked and saturated. The once quiet hamlet felt the squeeze of traffic from weekend visitors who came to be part of a wake for 27. A steady drizzle did not deter mourners from walking a mile from the four corners up the hill to the familiar fire house and school entrace.

They carried bouquets for flowers and stuffed Teddy Bears. They left them as gifts of love during this holiday season. Gifts set by a row of Christmas trees that cannot be unwrapped by those for whom they are intended.

The candlelight on corners draws crowds who want a tangible role in helping the healing begin. One father from Boston couldn't help but exit Interstate 84 with his wife, son and daughter bearing gifts. He said he was there to teach his 11 and 9 year old a lesson. Yet, he was the one who broke down in tears as his children offered their gifts near the sign that read "Sandy Hook School - Welcome Visitors".

The community is flooded with media attention which peaked as the Secret Service shut down evening traffic to ensure a secure environment for the presidential visit. On this third day following the shooting the attention will continue, but begin to ease.

Soon it will be time to give Sandy Hook back. The people of Newtown face a long journey. The president reminded them they are not alone and challenged the nation to do more to protect our children. He said it is clear to him we are not doing enough to keep them safe.