Nina Davuluri inspires young girls at Landmark Theater

Nina Davuluri


he came back home to her Syracuse Roots this weekend after winning Miss America.

"Oh my goodness I'm just so happy to be home. Truly the community of Syracuse has made me feel like Miss American even before I won the title, so to be back here and represent a wonderful community is really amazing," says Davuluri.

Nina Davuluri came out dressed in a traditional Indian Sari when she graced the stage at the Landmark Theater in Syracuse to perform a Bollywood fusion dance during an event with other top Miss America finalists.

Jessica Huertes came to see Miss America "The different passions that the girls had to represent from all different regions of America as a whole, it was great," says Huertes.

The excitement continued backstage as 25 girls from four area boys and girls clubs across Syracuse took some time to snap a picture or get an autograph during some one on one time with their role models.

Kathy Gasko is with the Boys and Girls Club. "I truly think that this will be an inspiration to them to continue their goals and dreams and that was the statement from a lot of the girls was to chase their dreams and that's what these girls need to hear," says Gasko.


hey're just like wow


one of the girls kept waving kept trying to say hi to her while she was on the stage. I think that it was just a really good feeling that they got to experience

," says Lando.

To finally have a platform such as Miss America to be that role model, the attainable role model that I can meet and touch and see, she's a real person -- and to be that good wholesome role model is really what our country needs right now. I'm so honored to have this opportunity," says Davuluri.

The opportunity of a lifetime these young girls will not soon forget.