No bullets found, lockdown over at Cazenovia Middle & High School

Classes have resumed and the lockdown is over at Cazenovia High School and Middle School.

The schools were placed on lockdown Friday morning after two bullets were found in a second-floor hallway in the high school.

In a news release issued to CNYCentral, Cazenovia school officials say after a thorough search of the building, the school is safe.

Cazenovia Village Police and Madison County Sheriff's deputies responded to the schools around 8:15 a.m. When students saw the bullets and immediately reported the sighting to the high school office. When Principal Eric Schnabl went to retrieve the bullets, they were gone, according to the Cazenovia School District Superintendent, Robert Dubik. "We take any report of ammunition or firearms very seriously," Dubik said. "Our primary concern is student safety, so we went straight to a building-wide lockdown."

During the lockdown, no one was able to enter or leave the building and students were sheltered away from any potential harm.

After a three-hour search by police and canine units, no evidence of bullets or weapons were found. The lockdown ended around 11:20 a.m. Students resumed their lunch schedule and all students will be released on time. "After interviewing students, the officers determined there were likely bullets, but someone apparently disposed of them by flushing them down the toilet," Dubik said. "Had there been any ammunition, the dogs would have found it."

Dubik says he is pleased with the way teachers and staff handled the incident and that the district's safety plan was properly implemented to ensure everyone is safe.