No charges: Mom of burned baby says that's not justice

(Provided photo)

Rochester, N.Y. – A baby who was badly burned by hot bath water is now home.

“He's doing great. He's talking, he's saying Dada, he's laughing, his sense of humor is back,” said Essence Pulley. “I'm pretty excited about that.”

Last month, Eson Morris was in the care of a 12-year-old girl when bath water ran too hot and severely burned Eson.

Pulley thought he was being watched by the girl's mother, his daycare provider, who is also the boy's aunt, Tonica Stephenson.

Stephenson told 13WHAM that the boy’s father called her and she told him she wasn’t home. She says that he dropped the baby off with her daughter without her knowledge.

On Wednesday, Rochester Police ruled what happened to Eson was an accident.

It's something Pulley says she learned from the news, not police.

“I watched it on the news at the hospital,” said Pulley. “When I seen it, I just froze and I immediately called my sister and said we have to do something about this.”

She says until that moment, she thought police were still investigating because they never contacted her with an update.

“They [Rochester Police] told me they were doing what they needed to do, and I believed them,” said Pulley. “But they're not doing anything.”

With Eson home, Pulley says she can now focus more on getting the justice she feels her little boy deserves.

“There's no excuse for this and it's not just going to go away because you say, “Hey, it's an accident,” said Pulley. “My baby's burnt - third degree - but it's an accident? No. that's not going to happen.”

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