No criminal activity suspected in 9-year-old Jadia Thomas' death

Police say there is no reason to believe criminal activity was involved in the death of 9-year-old Jadia Thomas, who was found unconscious Monday evening at her family's home on West Glen Avenue in Syracuse.

Right now, Syracuse Police are working with the Onondaga County Medical Examiner's Office to find the exact cause of death, and determine when it happened.

Jadia's heartbroken mother, Janet Roberson, says her daughter's death was an accident. As she told CNY Central Tuesday afternoon, she thinks Jadia had been practicing gymnastics in her room and hurt herself.

By the time Roberson realized something was wrong and found her, it was too late. She tried to get Jadia to breathe, but she could not.

Police and crime scene investigators were at the West Glen Avenue address from the time Thomas was found unconscious around 9:30 Monday evening, through Tuesday afternoon.

Roberson was upset, saying investigators had left her home a mess.

On Christmas Eve, she was comforted by family, friends and her pastor. She had planned to give her daughter a bracelet making kit for Christmas among other things, which she knew Jadia would have loved.