No days off: Occupy Syracuse protesters continue movement on Christmas

Photo Credit: courtesy: Occupy Syracuse

It hasn't been the most conventional Christmas for Occupy Syracuse protesters.

Instead of being at home with their families -- a handful continue to campout in tents, downtown on South Salina Street.

During the holidays, during the winter, it's hugely important to me that it keeps going, said protester Christine Dopp.

Camping out overnight in downtown Syracuse is getting a little more difficult these days. Despite the fact that we've seen virtually no snowfall in Syracuse so far this season, the average overnight low in December has been in the upper teens and low 20 TMs.

It's getting tougher. We've all got the gear for a Central New York winter, but it's a whole lot different when you're living outside, said protester Ryan O TMHara.

It TMs why protesters welcome any support they can get, whether it's blankets, gloves or warm socks.

"It's just about layers and layers and layers to be able to stay warm and to be able to stand it, said Dopp.

So far, Mother Nature has been tame by Syracuse standards -- but protesters know all too well that snow is right around the corner.

We're going to certainly have to shovel, make sure there's not a lot of ice and get the snow off our tens, but we've got a real strong group of people out here I have no doubt that we'll be able to pull through, O TMHara said.

People see our dedication to the cause, they see our dedication to being here on Christmas and through the cold and through the winter and we will be here, said protester Jeremy Bailey.

A group of people that pledges to remain downtown no matter what mother natures has up her sleeve.