No guarantees for 45 current workers when new company takes over airport concessions in April

Snack bar attendant, Bonnie Sponable, doesn't know if she will have a job come April.

A self-proclaimed people person, Bonnie Sponable has loved working at the Syracuse Airport snack bar for the past five years.

"I love the airport. The greatest thing is this airport. It's a people job," says Sponable.

Now the job she loves is up in the air. Starting in April, Creative Food Group is replacing longtime airport concessionaire Delaware North Companies and has made no guarantees to the 45 current employees.

The lack of communication with the new company is a red flag for Ann Marie Taliercio who represents the workers as President of Unite Here Local 150.

"My concern is I have had some conversation but no meaningful conversations," says Taliercio.

Christina Callahan, Executive Director of the Syracuse Hancock International Airport says it's their policy not to include workers retention language in contracts with new tenants.

"I don't think we want to get in the business or the habit of telling our tenants and other employers here how to run their business. It's really not what were here for," says Callahan.

Creative Food Group will be holding a job fair on Tuesday February 18 at the Holiday Inn Express on South Bay Road near the airport.

Roger Schwandtner, a consultant to Creative Food Group told CNYCentral's Dora Scheidell as long as the current employees meet all the necessary qualifications, they shouldn't have any trouble securing one of the 50 positions that are available.

"It's off site, it's a mile or so down the road. It's one day. It's during regular business hours when the majority of workers here have to work," says Taliercio.

Sponable will be at the job fair.

"Everybody in this airport knows me. I know everyone in this airport. I just feel very comfortable. I'm just dedicated to people," says Sponable.


oping she can continue to serve people as they travel from their home through hers.