No guns being sold at New York Sportsman Show

When the cold weather makes it hard to enjoy your sport, that's when the New York Sportsman Show shows up.

The hunting, fishing, and camping event is taking place this weekend at the SRC Arena on the Onondaga Community College campus. It's open Friday from noon-8pm, Saturday from 10-7pm, and Sunday from 11-6pm. Admission is $8 for adults and free for children under the age of 12.

Promoter, Tom Tarry, says this sportsman show is unique because of its focus on New York.

"It's a celebration of New York state hunting and fishing. There's a lot of New York state here as opposed to others shows where you see people from Canada and the midwest. Here were focused on New York state," says Tarry.

At this hands-on sportsman show you can actually participate in activities including a 3D archery range where you shoot at a life size object rather than a bullseye.

But with gun violence dominating the headlines, it leads to the inevitable question, will they be selling guns? Tarry says no.

"We have a policy here that we don't allow weapons that can be used for anything other than hunting. So that will never be an issue with our show," says Tarry.

However, two hunting rifles will be auctioned off.

"It is a touchy subject right now. It has brought the subject to the national scene. Both sides as you know are very passionate. But we don't allow assault rifles at the New York Sportsman Show," says Tarry.

Coincidently, one of the exhibitors this weekend is the husband of the assistant superintendent in the Newtown School District.

"He was explaining to me yesterday how his wife's role has really changed from being a teacher to almost, he said, to quote him, being head of security," says Tarry.

With safety and security on the minds of many, there seems to be greater interest and attention given to these kinds of shows, which could mean big attendance this weekend.