No human remains found at new site in search for Heidi Allen

Investigators searched a second cabin in the woods off of Rice Road Saturday but found no evidence of human remains.

Oswego County District Attorney Gregory Oakes says two cadaver dogs also searched this new site Friday but neither found a body.

The cabin is located behind this driveway on private property about a quarter mile from where investigators were searching this past week.

Oakes says a reporter from the Post-Standard and federal investigators recently searched the new site, but he wanted his team to conduct its own search.

The district attorney says there is no reason to believe any human remains are or have ever been at the site.

"At this point, we're asking the community for their help. Again if anybody has any information about helping us recover Heidi Allen, we ask that you please provide it," says Oakes.

Later Saturday, a sheriff's investigator found a small bone but the medical examiner determined it belonged to an animal.