No NYC big sugary drink fines for violators until March

Soda sellers are set to get a three-month grace period from fines for violating New York City's upcoming crackdown on supersized sugary drinks. But officials still plan to start enforcing a 16-ounce size limit March 12.

The city Health Department confirmed Monday it won't seek fines for the rule's first three months. Officials broached the timeframe at a court conference last week.

Violators would just get notices for the first three months. Then they could face $200 fines.

Soda makers and other businesses have sued to try to block the size limit from taking effect. They say it's government nagging and exceeds the city Board of Health's authority.

City officials call it a groundbreaking step in fighting obesity.

The rule applies to food-service eateries, but not convenience stores or supermarkets.