No Toy In The Happy Meal?

The latest battle in the fight to curb childhood obesity is being waged over the toys that come in every single McDonald's Happy Meal. Would it still be a Happy Meal if it didn't have a toy? Customers in San Francisco may soon find out.

The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper reports that under a new law proposed this week toys ould be banned if the food contains too much fat, sugar or salt.

The only way a chain restaurant would be allowed to hand out a toy as part of a meal would be if the food met strict nutrition guidelines: No single item could contain more than 200 calories or 480 milligrams of sodium. An entire meal could have no more than 600 calories. That would eliminate all but a small number of McDonald's offerings when it comes to Happy Meals.

The restaurant association which represents the chains that could be affected by this is outraged, as you might expect. What do you think? Is it a smart way to encourage better eating - or should it simply be up to parents to decide what is good or bad for their children? Log in and leave a comment on this story below.