No traces of bed bugs at Webster Elementary since treatment

No traces of bed bugs at Webster Elementary since treatment

After checking in with Webster Elementary School leaders Thursday, they told CNYCentral there were no traces of bed bugs after the school was cleaned and treated.

On Thursday, pest control professionals said there is no increase in the amount of bed bugs in the city of Syracuse, it's just how people handle getting rid of them.

Both Henninger High School and Webster Elementary School have dealt with bed bugs recently.

Gannon Pest Control in Solvay said it's always more challenging treating bed bugs in a school.

In general, the pest control company receives five or six calls a day regarding bed bugs, mainly from homeowners.

They say the issue isn't with an increase in cases, it's actually people not properly treating an outbreak, allowing the bugs to continue breeding.

They treat homes in the city of Syracuse and in the suburbs, and the prep work to get that treatment is intense.

"You have to bag up everything in your home basically, into clear plastic bags that have to be smooth plastic bags, bag it all up there and they have to live like that for six weeks. Because it's three treatments, they should be at least two weeks apart if they're doing chemical treatment there are companies out there that do heat," Jennifer Savastino from Gannon Pest Control said.

A packet of information that Gannon gives out to customers who need chemical bed bug treatment, includes directions like emptying all of your drawers and clearing off shelves in your home, tables, and night stands.

All this must be done before you can get the treatment.

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