Normal or not? March: What TMs your opinion?

Before reading the rest of this web story, tell me right now if you think that temperatures on average in March were either (1) above normal, (2) normal or (3) below normal. How about snowfall? Do you think this month was (1) above normal, (2) normal or (3) below normal? I TMd like to hear what your opinion is. Share your comments at the bottom of this web story. You may remember me asking the same questions back last month here.Let TMs break down the newest numbers from Syracuse Hancock International Airport so far for the month of March. They are probably going to surprise you!

Let TMs start with temperatures first. If you averaged out all of the high and low temperatures for the month and compared them to normal, then March 2011 technically was a normal month! That may be really hard to believe! March 2011 had a mean temperature of 33.3. That is only -0.3 under the normal March mean of 33.6. Statistically, this past month will go into the history books as a normal month temperature-wise. Sounds crazy, doesn TMt it?

However, digging deeper into the numbers reveals that March had a bunch of days that were both above and below normal. March 5th and 6th featured 53 for a high both days. March 17th and 18th had 61 for both days. This was the first time since November 13th-14th (123 days). However, late in the month, temperatures averaged 10 or colder than normal between Wednesday March 24th and Monday March 28th. This 5 day stretch has pulled down our average right back to normal for the month. Typically, though, late March is supposed to get warmer not colder. Unfortunately, these 5 days were some of the coldest days since March 2nd.

Another interesting temperature tidbit was that average highs were -1.7 below normal and average lows were +1.0 above normal. Since most people are outside during the afternoon hours, most of us would notice that afternoon highs felt colder than normal.

Snowfall was exactly near normal when compared to other Marchs on record since 1950. Syracuse Hancock Airport has received 18.5 of snow for March 2011. This number is spot on the normal March snowfall of 18.8. With respect to total precipitation (rain and melted snow/sleet), Syracuse ranked very close to normal. The official monthly total for liquid precipitation at Hancock Airport is 2.86 which is 0.16 under normal. Statistically speaking, this would be a normal March for rain and melted snow, too.

I was personally a bit surprised at these numbers. That TMs probably because it has been a very long, drawn-out winter with very few warm spells. What do you think? I TMd like to know your opinion. Tell me with a comment below. If you have any questions, leave a comment below as well and I will try to answer them. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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