North Country slammed by lake effect, more could be on the way

Little boy out enjoying the snow while his mom shovels in Sandy Creek.

Winter may not officially start until December 21, but in parts of the North Country, winter has arrived in full force.

Sandy Creek, in northern Oswego County, was pummeled by a band of heavy lake effect snow. The snow band dropped upwards of two feet of snow in some parts of the Tug Hill plateau. The snow, combined with strong winds, made for some very tricky driving conditions early Wednesday morning, resulting in several minor accidents.

Neighbors in Sandy Creek are no stranger to lake effect snow, but they say the intensity of this heavy band of snow this early in the season caught them a little by surprise.

"I woke up about three o'clock and I looked out the window right out there and all I could see was white,â?? said Lonnie Newcome. â??Visibility was about 3 or 4 feet and I just went ahead and stayed out.â??

â??I was a little surprised, I woke up this morning and I was like â??oh reallyâ??, now I got to go convince my husband to buy me a snow shovel,â?? Virginia Allen said.

Schools in Sandy Creek were closed Wednesday, among a few other North Country schools, and there could be even more closed as snow is expected to hit the region throughout the rest of the week.