North Side neighbor says trash crews are leaving behind big mess

Jeff Warner, who lives on Spring Street in Syracuse, says trash crews are leaving a mess behind when picking up the trash.

Looking around the north side neighborhood where he's lived for 22 years, Jeff Warner shakes his head in disbelief.

"It's terrible. This neighborhood is terrible. This whole neighborhood. And it seems like nothing gets done because everyone just blows it off and turns their head," says Warner.

Litter lines spring street and Warner says it's people who are supposed to be picking it up that are making the mess.

"Every week. Monday. Every Monday. They throw the garbage cans in the road. They break them. There's no need to do that. If they need to, hire more help," says Warner.

Syracuse Department of Public Works (DPW) First Deputy Commissioner, Tom Simone, says that shouldn't be happening.

"If the residents feel it's the sanitation crews that are coming through and leaving the mess, than please call the city line and voice your concerns," says Simone.

At least three people are answering calls at the DPW call center every Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Unless there is some extreme circumstance, DPW should be able to respond to your complaint within 24 hours.

"If it's something deemed that we need to address than we will go out there. We have litter crews that do go around and do pick litter and we would schedule that to work into their schedule," says Simone.


t takes a village to keep a community clean, so Simone recommends taking the initiative and picking up trash when you can.

However, if it does become a pattern, a litter crew can be dispatched to an area on a routine basis.

Warner is hopeful his neighborhood and DPW will step up to the plate.

"We all live in this city. It should be a nice, clean city to live in," says Warner.