North Syracuse Central School District passes on revised budget

Voters in the North Syracuse School District Tuesday approved a revised budget plan. The district reports the budget passed with a 58 percent approval. 3,329 yes votes and 2,365 no votes. The district had asked voters to approve a $143,525,985 budget proposal with a tax levy increase of 3.45 percent.

The initial budget proposal of a $144,716,279 budget, with a tax levy increase of 5.33 percent, was defeated in May. The revised budget will eliminate one building administrator at Gillette Road Middle School, one part time administrator, seven elementary teachers, and 10 teaching assistants.

Funds to the Athletic Department were also on the line. The district will cut about 16 percent of the athletics budget.

All of the details are available on the district's website.

Had the second proposal been voted down, the district warned it would have to take more drastic measures -cutting an additional $2,621,388 from its budget, eliminating all athletic programs and extra-curricular activities.