North Syracuse post office to shut down

A North Syracuse post office is shutting down. Maureen Marion, local spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service, confirms to CNY Central that the Main Street post office will close its doors on January 14, 2011.

Marion says this is part of the Postal Service's plan to cut costs. Those of you who use the Main Street location are urged to use the Taft Road post office. Marion says the Main Street location was chosen because it would cause the least disruption to customers.

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There's also been talk of closing the Elmwood location in Syracuse. So far, there's been no decision on that.

The U.S. Postal Service is also looking at other ways to save money. The Postal Service wants to cut mail delivery and collections on Saturday. Under the proposed plan, post offices would stay open. If it's approved, it would start in the first of next year. Supporters say it would save the post office more than $3 billion in the first year alone.

Marion expects there to be more discussion about this among lawmakers in Washington in the next few weeks.