North Syracuse Schools to begin full-day kindergarten next year

The North Syracuse Central School District will transition to a full-day kindergarten program starting next September.

On Monday night, the Board of Education voted unanimously to extend the current half-day kindergarten program to a full-day program.

The program will not impact the North Syracuse Central School District for its first two years because of New York State Conversion Aid.

The Board of Education's decision does not affect the district's current budget gap, or potential reductions. The district is facing a $4.5 million budget gap whether it moves forward with the program or not.

Superintendent Dr. Kim Dyce Faucette says moving to a full-day kindergarten was identified as a top-priority in the district's Strategic Planning process, and reflects the core curriculum of the state, which is geared toward a full-day program.

Dr. Dyce Faucette says data shows students who attend full-day kindergarten demonstrate significantly higher percentages of growth, and are more prepared for first grade, than students who go for only a half-day.

North Syracuse Central is working to launch the full-day kindergarten program in September, 2013.