North Syracuse Superintendent warns of drastic cuts if revised budget is defeated

North Syracuse School Superintendent Kim Dyce Faucette is urging voters to approve the district's latest budget proposal claiming that a defeat would be "drastic."

Faucette and Associate Superintendent Don Keegan called reporters to the district's headquarters Friday morning to publicize the revised budget which will come up for a vote on June 18th.

The budget increases overall spending by $4,754,784 which would increase the district's tax levy by 3.45%. It calls for the elimination of one building administrator's position, a part-time administrator, 7 teachers, 10 teaching assistants, cuts to the athletic department's budget amounting to 16%, and other cost saving measures.

On May 21st, voters defeated a proposed budget that would have increased taxes by 5.33%.

Faucette warned that if the revised budget is also defeated, she would be forced to cut an additional $3,621,388 in order the keep property taxes at their current levels. She says such a reduction would force the district to cut all athletic programs, all extra-curricular activities, further cuts to administrative staff and support services along with fewer teachers which would result in larger class size.

"Think of a district that doesn't have sports and extra-curricular. That's how drastic this is." she said.

Keegan pointed out that in terms of per pupil spending, North Syracuse rank 22nd out of 23 districts in the Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES region.

Faucette and Keegan say voters should go to thedistrict's website for further information and email administrators with questions about the revised