North Syracuse voters faced challenges in casting their ballot

Voters in the North Syracuse School District had plenty to overcome as they tried to cast their vote yesterday at the Cicero Elementary School.

The district decided to try out a new voting machine, as they said the ones they used in the past were unreliable and had a history of breaking down.

Well, the new machine proved to be an even bigger hassle. The machine broke down just after voting started, which had officials scrambling to find a secure box that voters could put their ballots into as a technician worked on the machine.

As the tech worked, the secure box the district found filled to capacity, so another alternative had to be found. That alternative was a cardboard box. At this point, lines had gotten long and the wait was trying some votersâ?? patience. Many voters left after they said they were in line for over an hour.

District Superintendent Kim Dyce Faucette talked about some of the hurdles that voters faced. â??The room was very hot and people didnâ??t have the ability to move around,â?? she said. When asked how the cardboard box affected the voters, Faucette said: â??They didnâ??t feel comfortable in casting their vote because they didnâ??t feel it was confidential.â??

Faucette promised that at the next vote on June 18, there would be more than one machine and was hopeful that more of the community would come out to cast their votes.