North Syracuse woman wins zoo contest, names penguin after baby boy

Humboldt penguin

A North Syracuse woman can claim bragging rights for naming the latest humboldt penguin chick to hatch at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse.

28-year-old Kristy Lee Witt submitted the winning name, Alberto, which means "noble and bright" in Spanish. "We are pleased to announce that our oldest penguin chick is a boy and he has been named Alberto," said Ted Fox, director of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. "Alberto is the 30th chick to hatch at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo and the first of six to hatch this year."

Witt submitted the name late in her pregnancy in anticipation of the arrival of her son, Albert. On her submission form, Witt wrote, "Alberto means 'noble and bright' in Spanish. It is the Spanish translation of 'Albert,' which is the name of my unborn son...who is due any day now! Guess the penguins beat him to a birthday!" Witt's baby boy was born on February 1.

In all, there were 1152 suggestions submitted, which were narrowed to 10 finalists by the judges. The finalists for a boy were: Alberto, Caio, Fausto, Inigo and Mauricio. The finalists for a girl were: Cataleya, Eva, Hota, Isabelita and Solana. Alberto received more than 26 percent of the votes for the boy name.

Alberto hatched on January 9 to parents Wylie and Mara.