Notorious child molester Ray Younis moved to psychiatric facility in Ogdensburg

Raymond Younis

A new development as we continue to monitor the whereabouts of the most notorious sex offender in Oswego County history.

Raymond Younis has been moved out of the maximum security unit at the Marcy Psychiatric Center to a similar facility in Ogdensburg in St. Lawrence County.

In 1998, Younis pleaded guilty to 86 counts of sexual abuse involving 17 boys in and around the Village of Phoenix. Authorities say there were other victims.

Younis was described as the most prolific child molester ever prosecuted in Oswego County.

Earlier this year, our Jim Kenyon learned that Younis was due to be released from prison after serving 16 years of a 20 prison sentence. Immediately, Oswego County District Attorney Gregory Oakes called upon the state attorney general to have Younis committed to a secure psychiatric facility.

The St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center offers a special sex offender treatment program. A spokesperson for the State Office of Mental Health describes the facility as being "equal to a medium security prison." He says the facility has 24 hour patrols, security posts, secure entryways, locked residential units, 16 foot-tall, double-perimeter security fences with razor wire and video surveillance.

DA Oakes says he was not aware of the move. DA Oakes feels that Younis presents no threat to the general public where he is right now in Ogdensburg. Oakes continues to call upon the state legislature to change privacy laws so that District Attorneys can be kept informed about attempts to have convicted sex offenders committed to secure psychiatric facilities.