Now Hiring: Tractor trailer drivers in high demand

John Miscovic enrolled at the National Tractor Training School in Liverpool after watching jobs dry up in his old field.

"I've been in management for the last 13 years and every time I'm in management the company does cut backs or it closes down," said Miscovic.

Now Miscovic is fielding multiple job offers even before he finishes training.

Unemployment may be high but not in trucking. All across the country, trucking firms are looking for drivers. To work as a tractor trailer driver you need to be a high school graduate, be 21 years old, have a clean driving record and take a nine-to-eighteen week course. There are more than 300 open jobs in Central New York right now and recruiters are lining up to hire students as soon as they finish the course.

The demand for drivers is up and so is the pay. The average tractor trailer driver will make about $50,000 in salary this year. That's $5,000 more than last year.

"It's finally to the point where people are wanting me and I'm in demand and I pick and choose where I go to," said Steve Ellis. Ellis worked as a painter for years before deciding to attend tractor trailer driving school.

High demand in the trucking business could be a good sign for the economy. Harry Kowalchyk from NTTS says trucking is often first into a recession but first to come out.

"Everything you've got, own, eat or whatever - travels by truck at one time or another. So the trucking industry is the staple of the American economy," said Kowalchyk.

Driving a truck isn't always easy. Learning to handle a big rig is a challenge - but it comes with a lot of job security .

"I've got family, I wanted to provide for them and this is a good paying job," said Beatrice Timmins as she finished up for the day at the Liverpool NTTS campus.

Demand for truckers will likely increase even more next year along with stricter federal limits on how many hours tractor trailer drivers can spend on the road.