NRA releases target practice app, rated ages 4+

The National Rifle Association released an iPhone and iPad app on Monday called "NRA: Practice Range" that is rated ages 4+. It was developed by MEDL Mobile.

Itâ??s described in the iTunes store as, "The NRAâ??s new mobile nerve center, delivering one-touch access to the NRA network of news, laws, facts, knowledge, safety tips, educational materials and online resources."

The app focuses around three shooting range options: indoor, outdoor, and skeet. "Users then have a minute to shoot as many of the targets as possible, which appear in the range at various distances and times," according to The Next Web.

Users on the Indoor Range are given an M9 handgun and have the option of purchasing a Beretta, Browning and Colt. Users on the Outdoor Range are given a Mossberg 500 rifle and can upgrade to a Pistol Grip Mossberg or 870MCS.

The app also offers gun safety tips, such as, "Use only the correct ammunition for your gun" and "Store guns so that they are not accessible to unauthorized persons."

It also provides links to the NRAâ??s website for more information on gun safety, hunting season, gun laws, legislation, and NRA news.

Lawmakers nationwide, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, are addressing gun control in the wake of the Newtown massacre. As the national debate has grown, the NRA has become very vocal in its opposition to any new gun laws and has firmly stated its belief that guns are not to blame for gun violence, but other entities like the news media and video games.

The NRA says it predicts that Congress is likely to block any new laws that would ban assault weapons and has so far prevented passage of another assault weapons ban like the one that expired in 2004.