Numbing numbers " How cold was it this morning?

It TMs the kind of cold weather that literally bites you in the face, or any other part of your body that is not covered, for that matter. Dangerous wind chills this morning of -20 to -30 (below zero) across most of our viewing area threatened anyone or any pet that was outside with frostbite potential in 30 minutes on any exposed skin. This wind chill chart shows approximations of frostbite times with how cold the wind chill. Keep this chart handy when the weather turns arctic like this. A combination of bitterly frigid air plus a light easterly breeze created this extremely cold combination. How cold did the temperature and wind chill get this morning? Here is a list of many localized lowest temperatures and wind chills from across central New York for you to examine. They are numbing!

Lowest Temperature :

Syracuse: -13Auburn: -7Aurora: -9Boonville: -22Carthage: -22Corning: -19Fulton: -13Geneva: -10Georgetown: -17Greene: -18Hamilton: -17Highmarket: -35Ithaca: -15Locke: -17Lowville: -29Massena: -29McGraw: -14Morrisville: -15Norwich: -16Old Forge: -30Oneonta: -16Palermo: -16Penn Yan: -14Rome: -21Saranac Lake: -36Sherburne: -13Watertown: -30Whitney Point: -14

Lowest Wind Chill :

Syracuse: -27Fulton: -24Ithaca: -27Massena: -40Penn Yan: -15Rome: -26Saranac Lake: -36Watertown: -30

Massena came in with the worst wind chill this morning at -40 (that's below zero). When the wind chill gets that low, one can get frostbite in as little as 10 minutes! While the temperatures and wind chills get a bit better this afternoon, you will still feel freezing outside.

Watertown tied a record low this morning with -30 (below zero). Syracuse was only 1 away from its record of -14 set back in 1907.

Regardless, of the exact temperature and wind chill today, it is a day to take precaution and limit your outdoor exposure. Make sure to keep your pets inside through this afternoon. Temperatures tonight should actually rise through the teens and into the 20s. A southerly wind, however, will keep wind chills near zero tonight. Temperatures will rebound tomorrow back into the 30-35 range, which is actually normal for this time of year. So, this shivery shellacking will be ending by Tuesday.

Did the cold weather slow you down today? Did your car start up? Tell us your story by commenting on this web story at the bottom of the page. School buses had problems this morning. Read more about here.

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