Numerous roads closed due to flash flooding in Chenango Co.

5:00pm Update:

When three inches of rain fell in one hour yesterday the creek that runs through Greene in Chenango County took over most of the village. Some neighbors had only a few minutes to leave their homes as the water swept in.

"When the water comes up that fast, people had to pull some meters and get people out of their houses. I've been here 30 years and I've never seen water come up that fast," said Deputy Mayor Wayne Hartley.

On Friday morning the Army Corps of Engineers opened up the debris that clogged the creek. The rest of the village worked to clean up the mud and water that were left behind.

"It came up out of the banks and flooded the whole village," said Ed Bonner. "It looked like a river running down the street."

On Friday morning, crews were moving 3000 pound cement blocks in place as an emergency fill for the 10 to 12 feet of embankment that were lost along the creek. Crews were also doing there best to keep a nearby power line from falling in to the creek after all the earth around it was swept away. The high tension line provides power to at least half the town.

"Our electric guys showed up last night and basically that pole was ready to go over. So I hooked the truck to it and that's the only thing holding that pole," said Hartley.

Towns in Chenango County are watching the weather forecast very closely. Just a few more inches of water could bring these waters right back up again.

Earlier Coverage:

Flood waters in the Town of Greene, Chenango County are causing major problems right now.

CNY Central's Alex Dunbar reports some people have been evacuated because of rising flood waters. Meanwhile, the town is doing emergency work on the banks of the creek that runs through the town and trying to stabilize power lines that could be swept away in the flood waters.

Meanwhile, the Chenango County Emergency Management Office has issued a precautionary notification about Smith Pond in the Town of Coventry. Officials say there is a potential for a dam to fail, which would cause the pond to give way, flooding areas to the south and southeast.

Officials say people living near Smith Pond and Bump Creek are encouraged to make preparations in case the dam fails because they say if it does, it will likely happen with little or no warning.

There are numerous roads shut down in Chenango County due to the flooding that occurred Thursday night. Several state and county highways are closed due to flooding problems.

Here's a list of the affected roads:

- State Highway 7 on the east end of the Village of Afton closed until further notice due to a bridge collapse.- County Highways- County Road 38 between State Hwy 7 and Cooper School House Rd- County Road 32 between Suirrel Hill to Broome County Line- County Road 2 between State Hwy 206 and State Hwy 12- County Road 9- County Road 1 at Broome County Line- County Road 1 between Mertz Rd and State Hwy 12- Ives Settlement Rd by Schlafer Rd in the Town of Guilford- Lower Morgan Hill Rd in the Town of Afton- Stein Rd off State Hwy 206 Closed in the Town of Greene- Palmiter Rd @ Wylie-Horton Rd in the Town of Greene- Case Rd, Cemetery Rd, Searles Hill Rd, Mertz Rd, Loomis Rd in the Town of Bainbridge (ALL Damaged)

Drivers are encouraged to slow down and be on the lookout for road crews working in construction zones. Never drive your car into areas with standing water. Remember, turn around, don't drown. Be on the lookout for any roads damaged by the flooding.

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