Nurses still on demand across Central New York

When it comes to nursing opportunities, New York ranks among the worst in the country, according to a new poll by the finance website "Wallet Hub." New York is ranked 39th overall.

At St. Joseph's Hospital, nursing students train on life-like mannequins in a recreated hospital setting, while nursing recruitment director Mary Jo Vona says recent graduates may not get always their first choice for department or work shift .

All of the area hospitals are consistently looking for nurses with bachelor's degrees and ties to the area. "Managers and hospitals are looking for retention, so they are going to be recruiting nurses that are confident will be staying with the organization,â?? Vona says.

New York State was also ranked near the bottom for nursesâ?? pay considering cost of living, another statistic that was likely influenced by New York City conditions.

Local hospitals say demand for medical care in our area is increasing, and nurses are vital to every step of patient care.

"Millions more people are insured today, and it makes for a totally different environment at acute care hospitals,â?? said Mary Jo Vona.

Demand for nurses is expected to increase over the next six years, especially for nurses with bachelor's degrees.