NY State Fair says grandstand unlike Indiana's

The New York State Fair is now just nine days away, and with the countdown underway organizers are keeping a close eye on the Indiana State Fair tragedy.

This past weekend five people died after a stage collapsed in Indianapolis. The country music group Sugarland was scheduled to perform on the stage, that band is also scheduled to play at the grandstand here in Central New York on September 3, which is during the fair.

Fair officials say there are some important differences between the New York State Fair grandstand and the structure in Indiana. New York's is made of steel and has a wide base. The stage in Indiana was made out of aluminum and didn TMt withstand a 70 mile per hour wind gust. New York Fair officials say their stage could withstand gusts well over 100 mph, winds that are rarely seen in Central New York.

State Fair Director Dan O TMHara says there is a plan in place to evacuate the grandstand in the event of a severe storm near the fairgrounds. Fair officials say they discuss the weather in part of their daily planning.

Are you concerned about the safety of the New York State Fair grandstand in light of the tragedy in Indiana? What sort of measure do you think officials should take to ensure the safety of concertgoers? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.