NY State Police plan entrance exam for first time in 5 years

State Police are holding an entrance exam this fall, with high scorers eligible for the Trooper Academy in January

New York's Troopers are looking to add to their numbers, offering an entrance exam to the State Police Academy this fall.

Recruiter, Trooper Xaymara Morales tells us that over 16,000 have already applied but they're looking for 10-thousand more before entries close on September 8th. For those signed up, troopers are offering 'tutorials' on the exam and other academy requirements.

To qualify, candidates must be 21, have a NY driver's license, and 60 college credits (half that if there's prior military service).

The exam is in October, with at least two sessions planned for January for the 26-week long Police Academy, though the candidates' list generated from the exam is expected to last for several years. has full details as well as the online application.

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