Obama addresses the nation while jobs are on the minds of many

Obama addresses the nation.


resident Obama addresses the nation tonight. One common theme on the minds of many was job development and creation. Since his last address to our country, recent graduates have transitioned from college into a competitive work environment, leaving many behind. Two Syracuse Alumni co-founded a start up software development company called Rounded Development.

One of the founders is Eric Candino and he knows how important job development is. "I think it's a big issue and I don't think he's done as much as he can and I don't know if taxing is the way to do it, but I think creating new jobs and helping the lower class get new jobs is a really big issue," says Candino.

His roommate and co-founder is Robert Grazioli. "I think that something we like to see more especially as entrepreneurs is younger kids kind of getting out there and making it happen for themselves. You're not going to get a hand out, the people are trying to create jobs, but the fact is as a young person you do need to take some initiative," says Grazioli.

With Many people out of a job and looking for work and health care costs rising, both Candino and Grazioli agree that having any job in today's economic climate can be counted a good one