Obama exercises at Auburn YMCA, does not visit Harriet Tubman Home and Seward House

President Obama spent the night at the Holiday Inn in Auburn following speaking events in Buffalo and Syracuse on Thursday.

It was highly anticipated that Obama would make unannounced visits to the Harriet Tubman Home and Seward House before making his way to Binghamton University; however, the motorcade left Auburn without stopping at the two historical sites. Flags had been raised outside of City Hall and the Seward House to welcome the President.

It is unclear if he will make any stops on his way to Binghamton.

President Obama did make a stop at the YMCA in Auburn around 8:00 a.m. to exercise for about 50 minutes before returning to the hotel. While the President worked out, a crowd gathered across the street hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

The motorcade left the hotel just before 10:00 a.m. and passed through Skaneateles shortly after. Hundreds of people gathered on the sidewalks to watch the motorcade go through town. The White House Press Office says Bill and Hillary Clinton vacationed in Skaneateles in 1999.

â??I know President Obamaâ??s time is limited. However, it is a shame that during his stay in Auburn, the President found time to work out at a gym but did not visit the Harriet Tubman Home, especially in view of the homeâ??s historical significance," said State Senator John DeFrancisco in a statement. "While it is still unclear why the President did not stop at the home, it is shocking that he would pass by such a treasured landmark that honors the life of Harriet Tubman, an African-American abolitionist who helped rescue hundreds of slaves. Harriet Tubman and her home stand as important symbols of American values, not only within Central New York, but throughout the entire country.â??

On Thursday, caution tape blocked off the Holiday Inn parking lot with officers guarding the perimeter of the hotel on North Street.

The Federal Aviation Administration

has cleared the airspace over Auburn

for Thursday night into Friday morning.

Earlier in the week

, those in charge of the Harriet Tubman Home and Seward House told CNY Central's Alex Dunbar they are ready to show the Commander-In-Chief around, at a moment's notice.

The Thruway Authority reminds drivers to expect delays, and slower traffic patterns, as the President's motorcade continues to make its way through the area Thursday night and Friday.

In some situations, portions of the Thruway may even be blocked off entirely.